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        The system consists of Fonics Plan (3D-RTPS)Medical Electron Linear Accelerator, Built-in Electric Multileaf Raster, etc. Having solved all kinds of inconvenience brought by old-style outside-hanging multileaf raster, it can meet the user's demand to the largest extent for conformal  intensity modulation radiated therapy. Therefore, it is a good choice for clinical conformal intensity modulation radiated therapy.


        1. The unique domestically accelerator system with an electric multileaf raster built-in.

        2. The dose rate can reach up to 400cGy/min with high stability and reliability.

        3. Carbon fiber couch surface without metal frames can facilitate low reflection & scattering radiation and low surface dose.

        4. Integrated electric multileaf raster conforms with the target volume highly and rapidly.

        5. Reverse-intensity planning design.

        6. It can deliver stereotatic radiotherapy, 3D-CRT treatment, step and shoot IMRT, as well as conventional radiotherapy.

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