• Name: SL-IE Simulator
        • NO.: 78006

        SL-IE is a fully digitized radiotherapy simulator and suitable for modern radiation therapy.

        SL-IE simulator possesses the following unique features:

        lProviding high resolution images and enhanced fluoroscopy function as well as pincushion images correction function

        lHigh Isocentric accuracy

        lAsymmetric fields simulation technology applied to wide range of patient positioning

        lMain moving parts adopt low-speed start, high-speed moving and low speed stop control mode

        lPatient information management, dynamic control, image display integrated in the same interface, user-friendly

        lRT standard image output/input

        lIndependent collimators

        lDual Channel data acquisition and display system offers better safety

        lDouble-scissors type Couch

        lSoftware integrates image processing system and simulator control system

        lIndustrial computer, PLC closed-loop control for the master and slave computer

        lAll movable components have multiple limit function

        lIntegrated structure ensures high accuracy and gantry and couch positioning alignment



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