• Name: XHA1400 Medium-energy Medical Electron Linear Accelerator
        • NO.: 78004

        XHA1400 provides two grades of X-rays of 6MV and 10MV and four grades of electron beams 6MeV, 8MeV, 10MeV, 12MeV. X-rays can be used to heal deep tumors and electron beams can be used in conducting radiotherapy for superficial tumors.


        1. High efficiency sealed medium energy standing-wave accelerating tube with a long lifespan;

        2. Integral 270° achromatic scattered magnetic deflection technique;

        3. The beam control technique ensures fast and stable output beams;

        4. Four collimators can move independently and the maximum over-travel distance is 10cm;

        5. Pneumatic braking of the couch offers a high precision (≤1mm);

        6. Dual channel data acquisition and display system provides safer control;

        7. Multi level safety interlocks ensure the safety of the staff and the equipment.

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