• Name: SL-IP Simulator
        • NO.: 78003


        1) All the movement components can all be controlled at high and low speed, easy for use and runs stable and reliable.

        2) Following items can be automatically set: gantry angle, SAD, collimator wire, axis-to-image distance; gantry, flat panel detector and couch body can automatically recover to zero position.

        3) Bigger beam field can be observed via 17” dynamic flat panel.

        4) Clear imaging via dynamic flat panel

        5) Image register and light field verification

        6) Convenient for patient case management system

        7) IPC and PLC host and slave computer closed cycle control system to improve the safety of system.

        8) With many safety interlocks and link reset function.

        9) Internet interconnection function

        10) Dual channel position collecting and fault detection function

        11) Fault movement detection and handling function

        12) Double position operation forbidden function

        13) Collimator wire, aperture slot symmetrical operation real-time modification and tracking system

        14) Whole movement axis multi-spacing function

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