• Name: Fcc-8000F
        • NO.: 78001


        SHINVA design and manufacture of this equipment accord with the standard of IEC60601-1-1:2000 and IEC60601-2-11:1997.This specification sheet provides information for the Co-60 Therapy Unit type Fcc-8000F.

        1.0 Radiation Source

        lThe Co-60 Therapy Unit use Cobalt 60 Radiation Source, the dimention of the source is   φ23 mm×33mm

        lThe source head’s maximum source activity is not more than 8000Ci (2.96x1014Bq)

        1.1 Radioprotection system for Leakage

        lRadioprotection system is the main part of this equipment. According to the requirements of IEC60601-2-11:1997, the absorption dose ratio brought about by the stray radiation (including the radiation brought about by radiation material other than radiation source) measured at 1m away from the radiation source is less than 0.02mGy/h.

        lAt any accessible position 5cm away from the protection shield surface, the absorption dose ratio brought about by the stray radiation is less than 0.2mGy/h.

        System Features

        2.1 The unit belongs to type B class Imedical equipment

        2.2 Leakage is under the IEC standard.

        2.3 Therapy method includes VRT, FIX, SKIP, ARC.

        2.4 Indepentently collimators, The jaws is made by tungsten alloy.

        2.5 The structure of TABLE is double-scissors.

        2.6 Cotrolled by PLC and Touch Pannel.

        2.7 Many interlocks to make the treatment safety.

        2.8 Independent Force Source Back device.

        3.0 Safety Interlock Systems

        3.1. The Source can not go to the Beam On position in the event of any of the following:

        lDoor of the treatment not close.

        lpressure of the compressed gas too low.

        lWedge filter not right.

        lEmergency Stop Switch be pushed.

        lBeam on key switch not on the ENABLE position.

        lIn any treatment mode ,if the gantry angel position is exceed the error allowed.

        lForce source back position interlock error.

        lSource not in the Beam off position.

        3.2 The Source can automatically back to the Beam Off position in the event of any of the following:

        lDoor of the treatment open

        lLow pressure of the compressed gas

        lElectronic dual timer: Timer1 error or Timer2 error

        lWedge filter error

        lEmergency Stop Switch be pushed

        lBeam on key switch not on the ENABLE position

        lSource can not arrive on the BEAM ON position within 2.5s

        lDuring VRT or FIX or SKIP treatment mode If the source head move.

        lIn ARC treatment mode the gantry speed not proper.

        lIn ARC treatment mode the gantry don’t move or stopping moving.

        lPower off the machine.

        lCity power failure.


        4.0 Mechanical Features

        4.1 Gantry:

        4.1.1Ratation Range: ±185ºfrom the vertical.

        4.1.2Source to Axis Distance: 80 cm

        4.1.3  Mechanical and radiation isocenter accuracy :± 3mmat SAD

        4.1.4 Position Indicators (gantry and console): IEC Scale convention (IEC 61217 compliant) Digital Readouts:

        lAccuracy: ±1.0º

        lResolution: 0.5º Mechanical Scale:

        lAccuracy: ±1.0º

        lResolution: 1.0º

        4.1.5Target to surface Distance Indicators: Optical Range Finder:

        lRange: 60-100 cm

        lAccuracy :±0.2cmat 100 cm

        lResolution :0.5 cm Mechanical Front Pointer:

        lAccuracy : ±0.1cm, at 80cm

        4.1.6Isocenter Height(nominal) :1212cm

        4.1.7Max swing radius of gantry (with head at 0°):1127mm


        4.2 Collimator

        4.2.1Rotation Range: ±100º

        4.2.2Mechanical isocenter accuracy :

        l≤0.2cmradius form isocenter

        4.2.3 Position Indicators(In-Room and Console): Digital Readouts:

        lAccuracy: ±1.0°

        lResolution:1.0° Mechanical Scales:

        lAccuracy: ±1.0°


        4.3 Field Size Collimation

        4.3.1Range: The field size is continuously variable from 0.3*0.3cm2 to 30*30 cm2 as measured at 80cm SSD.

        4.3.2 Position Indicators (In-Room and Console): Digital Readouts:

        lAccuracy: ±0.2 cm

        lResolution: 0.1cm

        4.3.3Light and X-ray Field Coincidence: ± 3mmat SAD

        4.4 Upper & Lower Independent Collimators:

        Asymmetrical collimation is provided.

        4.5 Precise Table

        4.5.1Table Vertical
        Lowest position is 75 cm above the finished floor. Maximum Lift Capacity : 200 kg

        4.5.2Table Longitudinal Position Display

        lIn-Room (Mechanical)



        4.5.3Table Lateral Range (nominal): ±23cm Position Display




        4.5.4Table Base Rotation Range (nominal): ±100° Position Display Mechanical Scales:

        lIn-Room (Mechanical)

        lAccuracy: ±1.0°

        lResolution: 1°

        4.5.5Table Top Rotation Rang: ±360°with two locking positions Table top open section’s dimention is 65 mmx44 mm tennis racquet.


        5.0 Accessories:

        5.1 Collimator Accessories:

        lWedges 10 (15°,30°,45°,60°)

        lBig size tray 1

        lMiddle size tray 1

        lSmall size tray 1

        lSet of shielding blocks 1 set

        lPlain trays with holes 6

        lMechanical Distance Indicator 1

        lPenumbra trimmers 1set

        5.2 Manuals (2 each)

        lElectric Drawing

        lOperation Manual

        lDose Diagram

        5.3 Spare Parts Kit.


        6.0Typical Facility Requirements

        6.1 Electrical Requirements

        Input Voltage Typical: AC230V(+5%,-10%)/6A,50/60Hz,1.3kVA ; User’s Power supply and circuit breaker can endure instant 25A current.

        Earth resistance≤4Ω

        6.2 Ventilation requirements: Sufficient to remove 8 kW from treatment room and 1 kW from control console.

        6.3 An air compressor is applied to realize pneumatic braking of longitudinal and lateral movement and revolution of couch and beam on or beam off control.

        6.4 Machine Installation does not include rigging, grouting the baseframe into the floor, conduit runs, attaching utilities to the machine or construction of therapy rooms.

        7.0 CCTV Camera System

        One-camera color system for visual monitoring of treatment room and patient from outside room at the treatment console.

        8.0 Patient Intercom System

        Intercom system for audio communication with patient in treatment room from outside at the treatment console.

        9.0Diode laser system for patient positioning

          The machine have 1set diode laser system for patient positioning.



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