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              Infusion Solution Processing Project is a complete technological processincluding  production, conveying, loading, transmission of the trolley, sterilization, and unloading, packing, stacking of the sterilized products. As this project devotes to pharmaceutical automatization and rationalization, every part of the whole process above is automatically operated.

               The application of this system not only can reduce labor intensity and guarantee the quality of infusion solution products, but also greatly improves the automatization level and overall image of the enterprise. This project can realize the following three prevalent infusion solution packing styles: glass bottles, plastic bottles and soft bags. According to your workshop conditions, Shinva will specially design for you a project with the most reasonable layout, the most skilled technics and the most economical investment.

        Automatic Transmission Tracks of Plastic Bottles


            The Overall Layout of the Soft Bag Infusion Solution Project

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