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        • Name: Automatic Ampoule Inpurity
        • NO.: 78023


        Used for the automatic detection of visible foreign body (chips of glasses, metal chips, fiber, hair, white point and piece and etc.) and liquid level in the ampoule injection, as well as the detection of visible foreign body in serum and vials injection.

        To identify and detect foreign body by machine vision principle. Control system composed of high-end products made by SIEMENS together with upper computer IPC, brake detected protect during high speed rotation to stop by adjusting servo drive, and take 24 photos continuously by high speed CCD camera, not fewer than 70 photos per cycle. Judge whether detected product is qualified or not through analysis and comparison by computer system, and distinguish qualified products, unqualified products, uncertain product and appearance not qualified products, and recheck. Meanwhile, camera is located at inner side of rotating disk, which promotes high qualify photos due to small rotating diameter and good tracing effect.

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