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        • Name: Non-PVC soft bag automatic form-fill-seal machine
        • NO.: 87525

        Non-PVC film IV solution replace glass bottles, plastic bottles, PVC film packaging IV solution, significantly improved the quality of pharmaceutical packaging, reduce pollution of the environment during production and after the packing bag being used, avoiding the secondary pollution probability during the process of using drugs, protection of drug safety for the whole society. The package meets the requirements of new technologies, energy-saving, environmental protection, recycling, sustainable development-based economy.

        RSY Series Non-PVC Soft Bag Form-Fill-Seal Machine is developed on the basis of domestic and abroad advanced technology and experiences.Main components of this machine are all international top brands.

        (1) Name of the Equipment: Non-PVC film  AUTO-FFS Machine


        (2) Flow chart: Printing on film → Bag forming → Port welding → Bag transferring → Drug filling→ Bag sealing →Bag output


        (3) Ambient temperature: 20℃~25℃; relative humidity: 40%~60%;


        (4) Compressed air: pressure: 7bar~8bar;


        (5) Cooling water: temperature: ≤15℃


        (6) Cooling water: pressure: 2bar~3bar;


        (7)  Power supply: 380V ± 10%, 3Phase, 50Hz


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