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        • Name: Dry Heat Sterilizer(oven)
        • NO.: 78245

        Water Shower Sterilizer for Plastic Bag is a kind of sterilizer with high performance and advanced intelligence. It is mainly used for the sterilization of plastic bags of transfusion. It adopts high temperature cycling water as medium to realize uniform sterilization at low temperature, and avoid “dead corner” due to the existing of cooling air as well as the transfusion re-pollution due to the unclean cooling water in the cooling step. It can ensure that the bag keep a good shape after sterilization by adopting the unique pressure balance technique in the whole process.



        • Ø  Send the loading carts with bags to the chamber;
        • Ø  Close the door and seal it;
        • Ø  Feed circulating water;
        • Ø  Start circulating pump, heat and spray to the bags, the chamber begins to warm up and step up;
        • Ø  The pressure in chamber is adjusted to keep the pressure balance in and out of the bag;
        • Ø  It begins to time when the temperature inside bag reaches the preset sterilizing temperature;
        • Ø  It begins to cool down after sterilization, the pressure in chamber begin to change and balance with temperature;
        • Ø  The pressure shall be release out when it reaches to the cooling temperature;
        • Ø  Open the door and take out the loading carts;
        • Ø  Discharge and change the circulating water in a certain time or according to the polluted level;

        Main features:

        ð  It adopts high temperature cycling water as medium to ensure temperature uniformity. The biggest advantage is to sterilize under 100;

        ð  It is possible to control the temperature increasing and decreasing, so as to meet different requirements of drug;

        ð  It adopts world advanced computer-group technology. The upper computer is table computer, working in WINDOWS, on which the working process is displayed. It is possible to show all the working data (such as time, pressure, temperature, F0value, etc.) on the screen, also can be stored and printed out. The lower computer is module control system of German SEMINES, which is reliable and convenient for maintenance. The program software is STEP7 of German SEMINES, which is easy to operation and convenient to modify. The lot number and operator number can be input up to 16 byte and printed on the report table to file

        ð  Innovative pipeline structure ensures distributed equal water quantity of water entering pipeline to improve temperature uniformity, and reduce the waterinfection rate of circulating water in chamber for energy conservation.

        ð  The chamber has spray system, on which there are 3000holes/m3. There is no dead corner in chamber and ensures the sterilizing uniformity.

        ð  There are three choices of control method for user: time and temperature control; F0 value control; time, temperature and F0 value control. The temperature and F0 value will be double controlled to ensure the sterilizer can operate under lower pressure and all the process can meet the GMP requirement that is F0 value shall be above or equal to 8. Time, pressure, temperature, F0 value and pressure are all displayed on touch screen and they can be stored and printed.

        ð  We uniquely adopt the angle-seat pneumatic valve manufactured by GEMU, Germany. It operates reliably with low flow resistance and excellent seal. The metal body can endure impact and high temperature; it can operate 4 million times without failure.

        ð  We uniquely adopt the circulating pump manufactured by STERLING, Germany. It can resist high temperature of 140℃  and operate reliably with high efficiency and without leakage;

        ð  The door is automatically operated, pneumatically sliding, teeth locked and reliably sealed, which can reduce labor intensity;

        ð  The sterilizer manufactured by our company all has standard validation port, which can do GMP validation anytime.

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