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        • Name: Non-PVC IV soft bag turnkey project
        • NO.: 78589

        Non-PVC film IV solution replace glass bottles, plastic bottles, PVC film packaging IV solution, significantly improved the quality of pharmaceutical packaging, reduce pollution of the environment during production and after the packing bag being used, avoiding the secondary pollution probability during the process of using drugs, protection of drug safety for the whole society. The package meets the requirements of new technologies, energy-saving, environmental protection, recycling, sustainable development-based economy.

        First, glass bottle IV solution has poor stability, easy to produce cullet, air circuit must be formed during infusion, then the liquid can drip out, there is a high probability of a second contaminated, also the quality of medicines is difficult to guarantee, it causes a potential health risk to human. Glass bottles is heavy weight, transport costs is high, and collisions during transport can easy lead to invisible laceration, causing drug contamination. These defects, limiting its sales in the region only, plus that during burn glass bottle has serious environmental pollution, its energy consumption is also great, so it is restricted by environmental and it’s a product that will be eliminated . Therefore, a new alternative to replace glass packaging material requirements is imperative.

        Since the beginning of the sixties of last century, PP or PE plastic bottle which has good chemical stability, excellent air tightness, and can high temperature resistance for packaging IV solution, better improved the quality and shelf life of drugs encapsulated storage period. However, IV solution plastic bottles still need to form air circuit to make liquid dripping out, particles and bacteria in the air can still enter the liquid through the air loop, the probability of secondary pollution still very high, the potential harm to human health still exists. To solve this problem, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) soft bag infusion emerged, when using the soft bag, it can rely on external atmospheric pressure press the bag to let the liquid drops out, no need external air goes into the liquid bag, greatly reducing the secondary pollution  probability, Neither plastic bottle nor glass bottles have this characteristic. However, in order to improve the performance of PVC polymerization, plasticizer (DEHP) was added. Studies have shown that, during the using of PVC soft bag there maybe little DHEP dissolution out. DEHP is a hazardous substance, serious harm to human health. Secondly, PVC soft bag has thick texture, it is not conducive to processing, its oxygen, steam penetration amount is high, it has poor temperature adaptability and tensile strength, high temperature sterilization easy lead to deformation, etc. These defects seriously limit its development in the packaging of the IV solution, and need to seek a new material which is suitable for the special drug---IV solution. In this case, polyolefin multi-layer co-extruded film (Non-PVC film) came into being. The non- PVC multi-layer co-extruded film was successful development Internationally in the nineties. Polyolefin multilayer coextruded film’s structure and strictly controlled production process determine not only has all the advantage of glass bottles, plastic bottles, PVC film and other packaging materials, but also non-toxic side effects to the human body, it is the ideal packaging material for IV solution. Currently, in Europe and other developed countries, Non- PVC film packaging IV solution products have been widely used, accounting for more than 80 % of the market. The plastic bottle because of the secondary air pollution probability, the elimination of plastic bottle has been a matter of time.

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