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        1. Description

        Vial Washing, drying, filling, stoppering and capping compact line mainly used for freeze drying vial injection or liquid vial injection.


        2.Production Process

         Water filling → Ultrasonic washing  → Water & air alternating washing   → Bottle loading protection  → Preheating  → Sterilization  → Cooling  → Bottle unscrambling  → Nitrogen filling  → Drug filling  → Stoppering  → Capping


        3.Washing Machine

        Vertical Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine adopt first ultrasonic coarse washing then spraying needle washing principle, fine washing process including needle insert into bottle to do the alternate washing by water and air each for three times; different needle spraying different medium to avoid cross contamination; Turntable bottle conveying method ensure that the cleaning process is transparent and visual, convenient for observation.


        4. Tunnel Oven

        Hot Air Circulating Tunnel Sterilization Oven is a drying and sterilization device developed and manufactured according to new version of National GMP, which could monitor and record the whole working data with stable sterilization; this series tunnel oven could be widely used in pharmaceutical, bioengineering, animal pharmaceutical factory, cosmetic, health products and other fields, which is for glass bottle drying and sterilization treatment.


        5.Filling & Stoppering Machine

        Filling and stoppering machine is the main equipment of liquid vial injection and freeze drying production line. It adopts modularly combination and full servo driving filling equipment, with the advantages of humanization layout of transmission structure, stable transmission and stable performance.


        6.Capping Machine

        This machine suitable for vial capping and sealing treatment, adopt single knife multi head capping method, capping is stable, qualified rate is high, configured with aluminium skimming collecting device, comply with the existing GMP requirement.


        7. Parameters


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