• Name: Table top autoclave
        • NO.: ic023

        Apply to solid instrument, dressing fabric and rubber articles in stomatology, ophthalmonogy, operating room and CSSD.

        •    Manual water injection, exhausting drying system

        •    Automatic control of warming up and sterilizing process

        •    World brand pressure switch, pressure auto control

        •    Steam and water inner circulating system, no external water supply needed

        •    Over-heat auto protection device, door safety lock device, overpressure relief valve, short-circuit protection, and overpressure protection


        Technical parameters

            Design pressure:                      0.28MPa

        •    Design temperature:                150

        •    Maximum working pressure:   0.23MPa

        •    Temperature range:                 105~134

        •    Accuracy of pressure control:   0.005MPa

            Chamber material:                  06Cr19Ni10 stainle

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