• Name: MOST-T series sterilizer
        • NO.: ic022

        Most-T series sterilizer is an automatic high temperature and pressure rapid sterilizer which works with steam as medium. It can be widely used in department of stomatology and ophthalmology, operating room, supply room, dialysis room, delivery room and other medical institutions. It is suitable for all wrapped or unwrapped solid instruments, A-class cavity instrument (dental handpieces and endoscopes), implantable instruments, dressing fabric and rubber tubes, etc.



        .  Build-in open type water tank

        The sterilizer adopts easy-clean open type water tank that equipped with water quality monitor to ensure the reliability of steam quality and sterilizer operation. A fully injected water tank can support repeated program running.

        .  Brand-new operation interface

        Multiple safety device

        Overheat auto protective device; multiple control and protection for steam generator; safe door interlock; double overpressure protection; electronic circuit safety device. The LCD screen can display temperature, pressure, time, operating status, failure warning and other information. It is convenient for customers to observe the sterilizer running status.

        .  Automatic door

        MOST-T-18/24/45 series adopt auto door structure that can effectively prevent scald. MOST-T-60/80 series door structure adopt multipoint stitching technology to ensure seal reliability. The door equipped with convenient one-button switch.

        .  High-efficiency ultimate vacuum

        The sterilizer adopts high-efficiency low-noise vacuum system which has excellent effects. The ultimate vacuum value can reach -90KPa or above.

        .  Multiple program types

        The system has various programs that include: packed items, unpacked items, rubber items, custom program, rapid program, BD testing program, vacuum testing program, preheat program and drying program.

        .  High-efficiency steam generator

        MOST-T-18/24/45 equipped with build-in instant steam generator.

        MOST-T-60/80 equipped with build-in energy-storing steam generator.

        .  Other features

        0.22μm high-efficiency sterilizing filter that guarantees the air is sterile and prevents repeated contamination. All the processes of water injection, pulse vacuum, heating up, sterilization, exhausting and drying are automatic.

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