• Name: YGZ Medical Dry Cabinet
        • NO.: ic019

        Product introduction

        YGZ-1600D YGZ-1600S Medical Dry Cabinet

                 YGZ-1600DYGZ-1600S is a big size medical dry cabinet developed by SHINVA according to market request. They are suitable for surgical instruments, pipe, glass products, precision instruments, wet bottle and so on. Dry temperature range is from 40to 90and dry time range is from 0-500 min. Parameters cane be changed as factual condition. This kind of equipment has two specifications, one is single door equipment, the other one is double door equipment.
            The equipment has developed the air inlet system, solving the problem that dry effectiveness is not complete and dry speed is too slow. The equipment has set the open programs, which could be used for pipes specially or which could be used for common instrument. It is high cost performance equipment. 

        .  Usage Range
        CSSD, Operation room and other dry department.

        .  Capacity

            36 anesthesia breathing tubes or 9 din standard trays in one cycle.

        .  Control System
        American Rabbit 2000 main chip control, LCD Display. Stable performance, 10 pre-set cycles, convenient operation.

        .  Structural materials
        304 stainless steel with insulation layer. Glass windows is used for easy check.



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