• Name: FEST-T80A Medical Vacuum Dry Cabinet
        • NO.: ic018

        Product introduction

              Vacuum drying technology is the use of low pressure condition, the principle of the boiling point of water reducing, makes the water boiling evaporation in lower temperature, making the water on the equipment can rapid separation, vacuum pump and quickly pulled out after vaporization steam at the same time, making sure the target equipment is thoroughly dried quickly.

              SHINVA FEST - T80A medical vacuum dry cabinet dry precision instrument, equipment which cannot bear high temperature and long narrow lumen under negative pressure condition, by using of the characteristics of the waters boiling point to dry instrument quickly and thoroughly.

        Product usage

              Suitable for all kinds of precision machinery, equipment which cannot bear high temperature and slender tube cavity.

        Product features

              Chamber adopts aluminum alloy material, having excellent thermal conductivity, and the surface is bright and clean, improving the efficiency of thermal radiation;

        PTC heating film is adopted for heating chamber, it is safe and efficient, heating is uniform;

        Square module design, one time can load 2 DIN standard instrument tray instrument;

              All aluminum alloy guide rail, smoked type of shelf, high efficient heat conduction, convenient operation

              Toughened glass seal and high perspective window, making sure good seal internal condition can be observed at the same time.

              Electric lock, automatic detection, safe and convenient, avoid wrong operation caused by manual operation;

              Efficient vacuum pump, smooth operation, low noise;

        Humanized control display, touch button, operation is clear and convenient

              Clean and dry, air reflow hepa filter is 0.3 um.



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