• Name: Ultrasonic washer
        • NO.: ic016


          The ultrasonic washer is professional washing equipment that improved base on the international congeneric product. It can be used for medical or experimental instrument in CSSD, operating room and laboratory. This series of washer is designed to be advanced, featured and efficient washing equipment.

        .  This ultrasonic washer can be designed to single, double or triple frequency. The triple frequency washer realizes that setting and auto shift in three frequencies of 40 KHz, 80 KHz and 100 KHz to wash instrument in three ways of prewashing, rinse and master washing. The dirt attached on the instrument can be cleaned off thoroughly.

        .  The ultrasonic washer consists of washing tank, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, heating tube, temperature transmitter, water level transmitter, draining pump, basket and pipeline. It uses high frequency oscillation signal, which sent out by ultrasonic generator, and converts to high frequency mechanical oscillation signal and diffuses into the cleaning solution. The ultrasonic spreads forward in the cleaning solution to generate millions of tiny bubbles. During the process called ‘Cavitation’the bubbles implode immediately to generate high pressure and impacts the articles to spall the fouling adhered on the surface and gap of the articles to achieve cleaning purpose.


        .   Excellent washing effect and high washing accuracy that could clean those instruments with uneven surface or tiny gap.

             High washing speed improves working efficiency. It protects the instrument from contamination caused by hand contact.

             The tank and outer cover adopt high quality stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean.

             All tanks are auto water-injecting which injects water to certain water level.

             All tanks are equipped with reliable LCD monitor that could be controlled independently.

        Technical parameters

        .  Ultrasonic washer frequency: 40 KHz (single-frequency); 40/100 KHz (double-frequency)   40/80/100 KHz (triple-frequency)

        .  Heating type:                           electrical heating

        .  Power supply:                           380V

        .  Water supply:                           0.2~0.5Mpa, DN 15

        .  Water quality requirement:     washing tank: softened/pure water; flushing tank: pure water.




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