• Name: The bedpan washing and disinfection integrate solution
        • NO.: ic014

        Bedpan washing and disinfection room

            Articles, tools which often overlooked in endemic room more and more get the attention of the national ministry of health and medical institutions. Then normalized and standardized washing and disinfection gradually on the agenda

         Since the 21st century, in the western developed countries, on the basis of a large number of investigation and scientific research, the requirements of the medical and health institutions in various clinical departments, the inpatient (ward) to be adapted with the department of cleaning and disinfection, as regular hardware construction and examination of a conventional project in hospital. Therefore, its already mature in the developed countries in Europe and the United States.

         Shinva can provide integrated solution based on advanced technology, knowledge, experience and equipment, considering room size, structure and conditions requirements

             In abroad, washing Disinfector, Ultrasonic washing machine and flushing disinfector as the biggest products and have their own independent product standards: ISO15883-3 With the clear requirements in main function and performance index, as the new product areas different from ordinary automatic washing disinfector

             At domestic market, on November 15, 2009, the state food and drug administration issued code-named "YY/T 0734.3 2009" washing disinfector industry standards, "the human waste containers heat and cleaning disinfection requirement and experiment", the standard implemented on December 1, 2010. This means that the human waste container cleaning and disinfection will gradually implement standardized management in our country.

        Regular machines recommend

        .  Fully-automatic flushing machine

        .  Sewage pretreatment device and flushing deive

        .  Sink

        Clean mop sink

        .  Mop supporter

        .  Garbage sorting recycling device (medical waste, recycling garbage, not recycle)

        .  Hanging type storage frame 

        .  Automatic induction hand sanitizer device

        .  Closing condemnation recycle cart

        .  Bed units washing and disinfection machine

        .  The mattress steam sterilizer

        .  Used for gown such as industrial laundry, ironing, finishing equipment,

        .  Quilt cover washing, ironing and finishing

        Structure and characteristic

        .  The main cleaning human waste container

        .  Automatic rotating door with automatic dump function and peculiar smell

        .  Mould stretched forming chamber no cleaning blind corner

        .  With different programs, 4 to 10 mins can finish the whole cycle.

        .  With chemical disinfection and cleaning detergent filling automatically functions

        .  Online check discharging block

        .  Conform to the ISO15883-1/3 and YY/T 0734.3-2009

        .  With button, foot switch and sensitive operation types

        Endemic washing and disinfecting area decorating (reference)

        .  wall: 300*600mm ceramic

        .  Ground: 600*600mm brick

        celling: 300*300mm Aluminous gusset plate



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